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          Guangxi Chengde Group is a joint venture jointly invested and established by Guangxi Beibu Gulf International Port Group and Foshan Chengde Stainless Steel Co., Ltd. The Group is located in the "pearl" of Beibu Gulf, a coastal city known for "Long Silver Beach" — Beihai, with the main production base situated at Tieshan Port (Seaside) Industrial Park, which is dedicated to creating a new pole of coastal economic development of Beibu Gulf.

          Based on rich resources of manganese ore in Guangxi and highly concentrated nickel ore from Philippines and Indonesia, the enterprise uses the latest process technology of alloy smelting to produce nickel alloy, which is further processed into slab base material of nickel-chromium alloy for forging rolling into final products—various types of stainless steel plate and strip. The mineral and steel slag is also comprehensively processed into environment friendly construction materials such as high strength cement. The Group keeps accumulating professional knowledge, inputting new views to the industry, and grasping every innovative research opportunity so that we can achieve the integration of intensive procedure and energy conversion and efficient resource-recycling.

          There are four subsidiaries belonging to Chengde Group, Beihai Chengde Ferronickel Stainless Steel Co., Ltd, Beihai Chengde Metal Stamping Co., Ltd, Beihai Chengde Zongwei Co., Ltd, and Guangxi Chengde International Trade Co., Ltd. The companies are to be constructed according to a three-phase construction plan. Beihai Chengde Ferronickel Stainless Steel Co., Ltd is the main construction project on the first construction phase; while the construction of Beihai Chengde Metal Stamping Co., Ltd, including the Electric Heating Furnace system and Hot Rolling Mill system 1450, will be on the second and third phase. Beihai Chengde Zongwei Co., Ltd is a resource-recycling company manufacturing various construction materials, such as micro-powder and high strength cement, by processing mineral and steel slag. Guangxi Chengde International Trade Co., Ltd is the marketing subsidiary of our Group, bearing the responsibilities of raw-material purchasing and product distribution for the Group. The principal business of the trade company covers centralized bulk purchasing of raw-material at home and abroad, logistics and transportation as well as products exporting etc.

          The Group covers a planning area of about 1546 mu, of which the total project investment is 12 billion RMB, and over 1500 mu has been developed and the capital input for the project is up to 3 billion RMB. Our Group has a staff of over 2 thousand, and will provide about 5 thousand further employment opportunities. The current production scale of the enterprise is 1.2 million tons nickel-chromium alloy slab per year, achieving an output value of 15 billion RMB and creating 1.5 billion RMB profit and tax. After the completion of the overall project, the production capacity will be 3 million tons nickel-chromium alloy slab per year. Our enterprise supplies a variety of mainstream stainless steel materials, such as stainless steel coil, pipe, decoration plate and industrial plate etc, covering distribution channels in fields like hardware processing, decoration engineering and automobile manufacturing. Based on Foshan, Guangdong—the largest distribution center of stainless steel in China, the Group realize an operating model integrating purchase and sale that extends to all the ASEAN nations.

          Creating a new height of international region-economic cooperation  of Beibu Gulf and a new pole of Southwest coastal economic development has become a national strategy, with the opportunity of which Chengde Group develops into a sophisticated enterprise in stainless steel industry. Relying on the powerful logistics advantage, diversified service platforms and comprehensive port industry related support of Beibu Gulf International Port Group., Ltd, Chengde Group truly realized the development ideas of environmental protection, intensive development and sustainable development by the help of advanced nickel-chromium alloy processing technology, scale production, efficient management and sales network that Foshan Chengde Stainless Steel Co., Ltd built up through many years' work.

          Currently, our Group has built up the highest standard nickel ore and chromium ore sintering production line in China, which adopting the automatic proportioning technology of solid fuel fine crusher to improve both quantity and quality of sintering. The eight nation's largest 36MVA electric arc furnaces that adopting the Rotary Kiln—Electric arc Furnace(RKEF) will be built up soon. The under-construction 1450mm Hot Rolling System, possessing the most advanced control technique such as AGC, roll bending and roll shifting, applies reversible Four-high Roughing Mill and Finishing Mill to conduct laminar cooling so that the goal of energy saving can be achieved. Enterprise's vitality derives from constant innovation. Chengde Group insists on the faith "surviving by quality, developing by science and technology" and the spirit of innovative research in order to produce and provide the highest quality stainless steel products to our customers. The stainless steel products that we produce, such as 200 & 300 series Austenilic Ni-Cr stainless steel, 400 series Ferritic stainless steel and 400 series Martensitic stainless steel, meet not only the domestic industry specification(GB) but also international industry specification(ASTM, TIS, DIN, etc.).

          Persisting on People Oriented and Scientific Development, Chengde Group constantly improves facilities for our staff, providing garden-style factory building and apartment-style dormitories that satisfy our staff with cozy life space. There is also an elaborately-designed complex building with a canteen, supermarket, network learning center, card recreation center, basketball court, table tennis gym, billiard gym, badminton gym and a cinema. Our humanized property management takes every detail of staff's work and life into consideration. Talents are the foundation of an enterprise. We place great importance to professional training and attract various intellectuals through supplying a self-presentation stage. We have cooperated with many famous national colleges, striving to form a whole technological process research stage by the combination of "production, education and research". Eventually we will achieve the multistage development pattern of "strengthening research by education, promoting education by research and supporting production by research" and create brand value of our products so that the internationalization of our Group can be further developed.

          Chengde Group persists on the faith "surviving by quality, developing by science and technology". Taking honesty and integrity as the foothold, advocating quality as the basic of our enterprise, we propose to realize highest cost performance of our products, improve operational efficiency, emphasize scale operation, and promote reputation and responsibility to survive in the fierce competition. Carrying forward the Chengde spirit of devotion, dedication, cooperation and innovation, we build our brand "Chengde Stainless Steel" wholeheartedly. Known as an International Channel connecting ASEAN and China, Beibu Gulf which possesses a favorable geographic location provides our Group with rich resources from South East Asia and convenient waterway transportation. With these great advantages, Chengde Group will surely boost the development of Guangxi Beibu Gulf economic area to a higher stage. A splendid and glorious blueprint is to be created constantly.


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